Our Mission:
We’ve all heard the phrase “just one more _____” at least once. In the last 10 minutes of practice a coach yells for ‘just one more’ run through. At 2 am studying for a final a student convinces him-/herself ‘just one more’ chapter to read through. Dining out with good friends on a Friday evening you lament to ‘just one more’ fresh roll of bread. It’s everywhere.
But what if it meant more than you think?
What if you had the choice to fight for just one more happy moment with a loved one? Just one more visit to a favorite vacation spot? Just one more day of your life?
That’s our mission. Whether it’s indulging on a gooey chocolate chip cookie, completing an important work assignment, or receiving a consoling embrace, everyone deserves “just one more”.
Whatever trials and tribulations are being flung left and right in your direction, we are here to remind you that you have the strength to fight for your “just one more”.


We make products that pursue all kinds of self-care habits.  From sugar scrubs on a spa day to sensory necklaces when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Feel free to browse through our products!


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