September is Suicide Awareness/Prevention Month.  If you want to help save someone’s life or need help saving your own, please go to my latest post.  It has resources for you to reach out to as well as a link to a fundraiser that will get people the help they need.


Here one is bound to stumble across at least one of a few things.
First, updates on original creations such as paintings, short stories, poems, and my novel Elves of Zeoch.  Second, witty yet relateable humor usually through a type of pun or prized meme.  Thirdly, regular insights on my personal journey through this life I was given.  *stretches out hand … hits computer screen*
Then just imagine taking my hand as we all go on an adventure.  Don’t worry!  It’s safe here.   Might I make the humble suggestion to begin under my About Me tab?  Or my latest blog post?


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