When Life Gets in the Way

Salutations, fellow souls.  Welcome to my website.  Of course, this site has been active since 2012, I believe.  Now, math is certainly not my strong suite, but doesn’t that mean I’ve been AWOL for 5 years?!

Wait, wait, wait.  I haven’t pulled a Boo Radley and simply refused to associate with the outside world nor joined Henry David Thoreau on an island to protest societal standards (no matter how tempting it’s been…).  What’s really happened is this weird thing we call life.  Life’s events have plunged so far off my previous projected path that it took 5 years to crawl my way back to safe ground.  Before you ask, no, I didn’t have a map, compass, OR GPS.  That’s right.  This navigation was pure trial and error.

I won’t drag out the details, mainly because everything is so fuzzy I couldn’t give an accurate report anyway.  Maybe I’ll explain more in a later post, but for now, I’ll simply let you know I’ve been battling bulimia, generalized anxiety and moderate depression.  It’s been tough; I won’t lie.  But often times, the most rewarding experiences tend to also be the most harrowing.  Thankfully, I’ve found a place between serenity and productivity where I can flourish.  It’s from this place I plan on beginning to touch base with all of you and my book audience again.


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