Thanksgiving = Stretchy Pants and Stressed Participants

Yes! It’s break!  You know what that means … painfully early Christmas music, Black Friday stampedes, the annual donning of the Fat Pants, and dealing with that painful side of the family (no offense, of course) that no one wants to talk about all to celebrate mass genocide of the natives who inhabited America before Europeans landed.  *cough*    Now, there are absolutely some good things to look forward to: connecting with  friends or family that live far from you, being freed from food guilt for 24 hours, sitting down to actually relax for once in your life, having time to finally finish that show/movie/book/puzzle/painting/etc.  However, these good things can get lost in the scramble to do all the things in such a short period of time.

Personally, I have three very good friends who currently live 2+ hours from me.  The holiday seemed like an ideal time to see each of them.  However, I forgot to take into account that they all have other things going on in their lives besides spending time with me.  They all have a significant other to spend time with as well as their families, plus shopping, plus their other friends.  Long story short, I most likely won’t be seeing them this week.  If you are anything like me, this is devastating.  My initial reaction was the feeling of being pushed to a cold back burner.  Don’t get me wrong; of course I understand that I can’t always be with the people who mean the most to me, since they have people who are invaluable to them, too.   I’ve been abused and abandoned by “friends” before, so my anxious self is always second guessing relationships to protect me being broken again.    I’ve grown wary, worried what excuse they’ll throw my way.

My compassionate therapist talked me through, helping me to rationalize the situation.  In fact, I realized that I’m probably not the only one who feels lonely during the holidays.  Hell, some of you may have this problem every holiday.  To those people, I reach for you.  Email me or drop a comment so that, together, we can actually find the companionship Thanksgiving (and other holidays like it) were meant to have.

Companionship may not be just between you and some friends.  My mom, sister, Gram, and I always come together the day before Thanksgiving to prep the main food items like the turkey, the stuffing, and the cake.  Though multiple days in a row with them will drive me up a wall, it’s still nice to spend time dancing around the little kitchen as we attempt to get things done.  Little things to remind you there is still a reason to keep fighting for the life you’ve been given.


Enjoy yourself this week.  Remember, I’m always here for you to reach out to.  No question or comment is too “silly” to bring up.  All my love.

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  1. Wyglada pysznie i bardzo mi sie podoba sklad:) A co do pomidorow to mamy podobne wymagania:) Niestety odkad mieszkam na Wyspie o takich napcyowankah sloncem pomidorach moge pomarzyc. Najadam sie za to nimi kiedy jestem latem w Polsce:)

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