“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” *internally screaming*

Let’s take a mini poll; how many of you have ever taken on a task from a friend/boss/family member/etc that you knew you wouldn’t even have time or energy for?  Leaving you exhausted and the task either undone or not done correctly?


*glances around* *raises hand* *sees others raise hands*

*casually sits sipping Capri Sun with best friend because life* Twenty One Pilots always knows the right thing to say.



Of course we have.  If you haven’t … psh, you go Glenn Coco, because saying the simple word “no” can be pretty damn challenging sometimes.    Maybe you feel guilty declining to make 3 donation boxes for a church group.  Maybe you feel pressured to be the designated driver when you know you have to be somewhere else at that time.  Maybe you feel lazy turning down your boss when asked to complete a project on the side.  Maybe you feel rude saying no to a family lunch.  I have news for you … STOP!!!!

There is no way you can possibly do all of those commitments until you take care of yourself.  Whether you’re sick or just having an off day, take some time for YOU.  There is no one more important.

I’ll be honest; this was me, and at unstable times, still is me.  It’s hard to calm the voices telling you to work harder because you aren’t good enough or you have to complete this one, too, before you reach acceptability.  Hell this may even be the cause of your insomnia, your anxiety, your weight gain/loss.  Whatever your symptoms are, the best thing you can do is find balance.

Hold up a sec.  I don’t want some of you to rush to work or home with the attitude of “I just won’t do this or this or this because I don’t have energy.”  If that is true, good on you for being aware of your mind and body that day.  However, if the propositions are important to you and will impact your life in someway, find it in yourself to get it done.  Oh, no, not at that very moment.  Breaks are good.  Try again in an hour, maybe 5 hours, maybe tomorrow.  Either way – balance.

As I was writing this post, I jumped onto YouTube for some motivational Harry Potter music when I stumbled upon this group: Fearless Soul (click here for their website).  The video I found is entitled, “Balance in Life”.  If this post resonated with you at ALL, please, give it a listen.  It’s less than 6 minutes.  I promise that it’s worth it.  Click here for the video.


Stay strong in this budding new year, my friends.  You aren’t alone.




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  1. Such an important reminder. I find myself switching between saying “yes” to everything, which makes me feel overwhelmed, and then saying “no” to everything, which makes me feel isolated. I love your emphasis on balance. It takes practice to find that moderate middle ground. Lord knows I’m not there yet, but I think as we get older, it gets easier because the little things we stress over don’t seem as important any more. We can trust ourselves to do the things we need to do and forget things that aren’t crucial…at least I’m hoping that mindset will come 🙂

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