Every Day Has Clouds

You ever play those games where you had to pick out the similar features in a picture?   Let’s play a quick round.



One of the things they had in common?  Clouds.  Yeah, I know they weren’t the same cloud – just go with me here.  Even though the cloud was darker or lighter, bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner, it was still there.  Right?

Dark, ominous rain clouds are often used as a visual representation of depression to those who are lucky enough to be without.  What these stereotypes fail to include is how that cloud never goes away.  In commercials on TV or in magazines, people suffer with the dark cloud until suddenly *poof* my medication/prayers/treatment made me all better!  I’m good as new!

No.  Wrong.  False.

It’s just like the clouds in the sky (see, I did have a point to bringing up that game).  Powerful thunderstorms are equivalent to days where the best we can do is exist.  Gloomy and overcast skies are the lack of energy, motivation, urgency days.  Rolls and rolls of fluffy clouds that take turns blocking out the sun are good days with moments of doubt.  Long, wispy clouds are the days when you can still function, but a faint hollow feeling lingers.  A sky with nothing but a wisp here or there are good days, but the demon is still in the back of our mind.

We do not choose to keep the clouds; the clouds just are.  Instead, we learn how to live with whatever clouds decide to manifest each day.



Share this message with someone who needs to understand what you’re going through or who needs to know someone understands what they’re going through.  All my love.


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