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Everyone has his or her own journey.  Every journey begins somewhere.  For some, a journey begins with an internal trigger.  For others, only an outside stimulus can get them going.  As for me, I was reliant on outside stimuli for quite some time.  I partially still am.  Regardless of what motivates you, the important part is that you’re still here.

Someone who really showed me that I wasn’t alone even in the depths of my depression and bulimia was Kelly.  (here is her YouTube link which can lead you to her Insta and Twitter)  She talked about her struggles in such a transparent way that I couldn’t help but feel safe and supported with her.  I grew out of the confines of my eating disorder alongside her, getting stronger and healthier together.

Here she stands, dressed up for an evening out.  The caption of this photo preached finding peace in being yourself.

Her latest adventure involved a Miss Chicago competition and coming in as first runner up.  She was amazing!  Her platform was eating disorder awareness and education.  Most competitors prepared themselves for the event by increasing workout regimes while tightening up diet.  Kelly did neither of those.  In fact, she got sick a few days before the pageant which stopped any workouts for 4 days.  How amazing is that?  This woman declined the competitor stereotype and still came in first runner up.  If that isn’t inspirational, I don’t know what is.

I aspire to be as free and loving as Kelly is.  Starting this blog was my first step.  Getting my words to more people will be the next one, because maybe, just maybe, I have it in me to inspire someone just as Kelly has inspired me.

Be the change you want to see, my friends.


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