In Honor of MLK

Today is the day that all of America dedicates to one of the bravest and most compassionate man in its known history.  Martin Luther King did what very few could ever have even dreamed of doing during that time; he stood up.  And that, my friends, is all it takes.

He fought with words and silent protests and peace for equality in a nation that simply refused to give it.  He saw the possibility of a better nation, a stronger nation, a unified nation.  While Mr. King was working for equal rights, many people labeled him as the devil or a dangerous radical; some people may even still think that today.  I’m afraid the only reason they feel this way is because of ignorance.  Pure ignorance.  Growing up in a community that swore by information given to them from a much more primitive time period gave a multitude of people false ideas and expectations.

I am beyond proud of how far the world as a whole has come regarding race, gender, sexuality, and mental health.  Legally speaking, America has done wonders.  Socially speaking, there is still much room left to grow.  There’s only one problem: they things don’t grow without a little help.


As usual, his words of wisdom are spot on.  It’s our turn to speak up.  Find something you’re passionate about: education, food, health, mental illnesses, Alzheimer’s, gender, race.  There are so many parts of our world that need reformed.  Martin Luther King, Jr. did his part.  Now it’s our turn.

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