What’s really important here … a wall? Or a unified country?

I’ll admit.  This decision took me, and many others, by surprise.  As of November 9th, the American people have nominated Donald Trump as the president elect.  No, I am not partial to either candidate. No, I am not bashing the new president elect. No, I am not shunning those who support him. Yes, I am in support of a UNIFIED nation, because THAT is what being an American means.  On my Facebook page, I shared a link to a video of Michelle Obama speaking on he behalf of all the groups Mr. Trump has chosen to prey upon.  I highly suggest you take a look, not because she is insulting Donald Trump, but because it reminds us of the real reason we are Americans.

Walking through the halls of the school building, I was terrified to hear mindless chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.”  I attempted to ask why they supported him so strongly, but the only response I received was, “Hillary for Prison!” “Because Muslims are gonna kill us!” “He’s gonna make America great again.”  Not once did I hear a factual reason for supporting his campaign.  Granted, the other candidate wasn’t too great of an option either.

HOWEVER.  The one who did get elected is striking fear into the hearts of far too many Americans for me to just sit idly by and not even comment on it.  I cannot fathom how a country could choose a man to lead the country who disrespected soldiers, women, multiple races, mental illnesses, Muslims, and the entire LGBT community.  As a woman with a mental illness who is going to be forced to live the next four years in this country frightened of how my gender will be treated, I am disgusted.  My heart goes out to the rest of you who are legitimately terrified for your life, your rights, and your place in our society.

How about this option: we let people grieve, let people celebrate, but by January 20th, 2017, we must have one nation once more.  As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

It’s also Veterans’ day today, so I’d like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the Veterans (past, present, and future) for their service.  You have procured our freedom and our country.  You are a hero.

*sigh* On that cheery note, I’ll just leave some lovely memes down here to make you laugh a little and find some kind of joy today because that is how I like to cope (as long as you’re nerdy like me, that is).

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