Bettering Yourself

Back when I was still trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do with myself, I dipped a toe into the waters of a Mental Health blog.  I enjoyed writing pieces like that, but I didn’t feel that I could flourish if that was my only platform.  Instead, I’ll occasionally write a blog post about them.  They can range from depression to having social interactions.  Enjoy!

There is No Point – August 2017

Eat To Fuel YOUR Body – August 2017

Suicide is Not a Joke – July 2017

Your Feelings Are NOT Inadequate – February 2017

It’s Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life – February 2017

Body Image Inspiration – January 2017

Finally Winning a Battle – January 2017

“Don’t Worry.  I’ll Take Care of It.” *internally screaming*  – January 2017

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Be the Warrior You Were Born to Be – December 2016

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Weddings and Family – November 2016

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When Reliving Your Childhood Could Save Your Life – November 2016

Are You Even Worth It? – November 2016

What’s Really Important Here: A Wall?  Or a Unified Country? – November 2016

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Your Car Has Being Towed! … Kidding ….  Scared You Though, Didn’t I? – November 2016