Prefer watching a video over reading?  Here’s a link to me talking instead!  With a few well placed jump cuts and a short excerpt of Hedwig’s theme.

When did you start writing?

Obviously, writing was a school requirement.  I didn’t start writing for fun until around the second grade.  The teachers started this writing workshop where we dedicated a half hour or so to exploring our own writing abilities and reading our favorite books.  I took that love with me home and well, here we are!

What do you do besides write?

You mean there are other things??? Nah, I’m kidding.  I’m crazy passionate about art.  Often times, it’s more therapeutic than writing.  I paint, sketch, color, whatever the creative desires.  Sometimes, it is nice to actually get off my couch and workout.  My favorite types of workouts are crossfit, HIIT,  and yoga.

Why did you want to write a book?

I dreamed of captivating an audience with the type of story one can only create through the length of a novel.  I wanted to provide characters people could relate to, fall in love with, look to for motivation when life was a little too much.  Within a book, I could use these characters to battle social stereotypes or injustices and inspire people to stand up against them.

Do you base characters in your stories off of people in your real life?

Sort of.  A lot of their personalities are example of people I wish I had in my own life, but certain elements of their attitudes I took from those I’m close with.  For example, Barron (the father of Ebeny and Camilly from EOZ) is kind of a stereotypical father figure, but his no BS way of looking at the world is something my own father has.  The sisters themselves (again, from EOZ) I based completely off of my own younger sister and myself.

What is your favorite part of writing?

The ending.  That may be a rather cliche answer, but let’s be honest: I’m known for being cheesy and cliche.  It’s exciting being able to control the fate of the characters for once and have the final say as to how each lose end it tied together – or maybe they won’t be.  A little ambiguity never hurt anyone!

Do you have a favorite character in EOZ?

Sorin!  He’s such a perfect best friend.  I mean, he’s loyal and sweet and never afraid to take a bullet for you and most of all, he’s the perfect comic relief.  It’s so fun to be able to write with his humor!