About Us

Your Just One More is an evolution of thought and passion from its founders: Logan Deaven and Kaden Hurley.  Our passion is people, and, more specifically, getting people to care for people – that includes yourself!  After being friends for well over three years, we decided to start a business that turned our passion into products of all varieties (our blog, physical products for purchase, etc).



Why hello there!  How lovely to see you, over here in the state of Pennsylvania.  How’ve you been?  Oh – oh me?  Who am I?  Honestly, where are my manners.  Here.  Let me divulge a bit of myself to you.

My name is Kaden.  I am many things: a communications student, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, an artist, a mental illness warrior, a total Harry Potter nerd, a coffee-holic, a writer.

I am empathetic to a fault.  I give my all, even if I don’t have that much some days.  I have love for every living creature (spare spiders *shudder*) because each one deserves it.  I take risks and fall doing them but find a way to get back up.