Eat to Fuel YOUR Body

The other day, I was at one of those typical backyard BBQs with a pool and music and miscellaneous homemade dishes.  When it actually came time to eat, I opted for coleslaw, gooey mac n cheese, and a zucchini muffin.  Others at my table loaded up with burgers, hotdogs, and/or chicken.  Obviously, they noticed my lack of meat.  It took awhile for anyone to actually ask me about it, which I thought was kind of funny; it’s just food!  “Are you vegetarian?” I smiled, knowing this conversation could go one of two ways: 1) shame the shit out of meat and processed foods or 2) explain that I’ve experimented with food until I found what worked for my body and what didn’t.

Don’t worry.  I chose the latter.  Why bother stirring up unnecessary tension and hostility?

This discussion got me really thinking about food, cultures, our bodies, and how different they really are.  For example, my best friend’s family immigrated to America from the Philippines (an Asian island), and they were shocked at the food portions and choices in here.  Where they’re from, meals were much smaller, first of all, and they didn’t eat atypical American breakfast foods – i.e. pancakes, omelets, etc.  Instead, the focused on foods similar to those pictured below: eggs sunny side up, rice, fish or pork, and pickled veggies.
Courtesy of Red + Black Apron, a typical Philippine breakfast!

To someone who grew up in central Pennsylvania with an abundance of home cooked donuts, blueberry pancakes drowned in syrup, and crunchy, greasy bacon, I never would’ve considered eating anything like this that early in the morning!  Their way of eating was just so different than mine, it threw me for a loop.  But is it okay for us to eat so differently?

Is a raven like a writing desk?

(Yes, the answer is yes…) Very few people throw a fit or become overly judgey when it comes to different cultures eating different foods or at different times in the day.  We think it’s interesting, hence foreign cuisines being a massive part of taking vacations.  So then why, here in the world’s largest melting pot, do people feel the need to shame other people’s food choices?  Who cares if you dislike chocolate or avoid red meat or only buy whole foods?  It’s your body and your goals.  You know what works best for you, not the other 300 million Americans trying to force their own diet upon you.

The number of social media accounts, commercials, even books dedicated to body shaming are endless which is totally awesome, because our bodies deserve love and appreciation.  But, uh, I think you guys forget to mention other things that go along with body appreciation.  I don’t know, like, the custom diet each unique body fuels itself with?  If our bodies are as different as we have come to believe, then why do our food choices have to fit into a certain mold as well?  Come on, a marathon runner wouldn’t maintain the same diet as a crossfit athlete.  I mean, look at them!

Matt Fraser – Fittest Man in 2016 and 2017
Edna Kiplagat – winner of 2017 Boston Marathon












Yeah, I know this is an extreme comparison, but it gets the point across.  Both of these amazing humans have worked out what the best food is for their specific lifestyles.  Marathoners, like Edna, focus their meals around carbohydrates and fats such as peanut butter sandwiches.  Crossfitters, like Matt, work their meals around protein and complex carbohydrates such as chicken breast with a sweet potato.

Whether someone lifts or runs, avoids animal products or can’t get enough of them, calculates exact macros or flows more intuitively, that person does so for personal health.   I, myself, enjoy vegetarianism.  Since I weightlift so frequently, however, I needed to make adjustments to ensure I got enough protein.  After some trial and error, I’ve found which foods help me perform at my best and which foods hinder my abilities.  That’s all I need.   It’s none of my business why someone follows a certain diet, and he/she shouldn’t feel pressured to defend that diet.  Respect other’s choices, because they don’t really affect you.

Life’s too short to fuss over what diet your friends are on or which snacks the celebrities are skipping.  Eat what makes you happy and feel good.  It’s that simple.

Build A … Wait, What?

“If people respect you, respect them back.  If people disrespect you, RESPECT THEM BACK.”  It’s common courtesy.

When it came to politics, I honestly tried to keep my temper and not shame one side over the over.  Yes, I am a liberal, but I wasn’t one of the people going around and spreading hate about Trump.  This latest decision on his part has pushed me over the edge.

Here is a short clip of what I’m talking about.

Really?  Please, someone explain to me the benefits of destroying good relations with one of our top 3 trade nations and one of our closest neighboring countries?  Mexico’s president and America’s were scheduled to meet in the near future, but Mr. Enrique Nieto called it off earlier today due to Trump’s disrespectful demands.  Trump claims the cancel was mutual, and that he refused to meet with a country that doesn’t give him respect.

Who is he to speak of respect?  He who mocked the behavior of a disabled reporter?  He who assumes it’s acceptable to grab a woman’s pussy?  He who, surrounded by a cabinet just like him, signed away a woman’s rights over her own body which will inevitably lead to backdoor, hanger abortions?   He who thinks stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists and Mexicans as rapists or drug dealers is the answer to our problems?  He who hasn’t ceased to abuse what power wealth has given him?  He whose every word is hypocritical of the last?

Some things he’s engaged in I respected, like disagreeing with the current Obamacare.  I consent that it needed some additions and editing, but to remove it completely is pure ignorance.  Well over 11 million Americans depended upon Obamacare to assure that they as well as their families were getting the health care every human is entitled to.  So fine, repeal the Affordable Care Act, but for the love of God, have a replacement first.  Think of the lives that could be lost because they can no longer afford the hospital visits for cancer or depression.  A very personal example involved a friend (who will remain nameless for their family’s protection) whose older siblings are in need of treatment for Brittle Bone disease.  These treatments cost thousands and thousands of dollars each month.  Obamacare made that possible.  Now that it’s gone … Of course, I plan on helping them in any way possible.

This is just one example.  There are so many others I could go into, especially banning legal abortions and preventing funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood.  I don’t like the idea of killing a child, either, but it isn’t our choice.  It is the choice of the woman whose womb will be affected by the decision.

I have nothing against those of you who support him.  You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.  I just beg you all to think about what his reckless behavior could bring upon the civilians who call this country home.

“If people respect you, respect them back.  If people disrespect you, RESPECT THEM BACK.”